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  • Once you have selected the property you want, you will need to apply to lease the property. 

  • The application are completed online and you can find the link to the application on the detail page for the property you are applying for.

  • All prospective applicants must complete an application and pay a application fee. All persons on the lease must complete the application and pay the application fee. 

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to apply.



  • At least three (3) months at present job or verifiable permanent former employment. At least one (1) current pay stub for each applicant.

  • If applicant is a student, verifiable student status will qualify for employment.



  • If applicant has a U.S. Social Security number, applicant must have good credit.

  • Credit report needs to reflect a large percentage of on time payments.

  • Current unpaid collection accounts, bankruptcy not yet discharged may disqualify your application.

  • In some circumstances, an additional deposit may be required.


Rental / Eviction / Criminal / Bankruptcy

  • Evictions in the past 5 years, lease violations, broken leases, and moneys owed to previous landlords will disqualify your application.

  • Criminal felony convictions in the past 10 years will disqualify your application.

  • Being registered as a sexual offender will disqualify your application.

  • Any current bankruptcy, regardless of type, that has not yet been discharged will automatically disqualify your application. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Occupancy Standards

  • Co-applicants and any other person(s) age eighteen (18) or older must complete the application process and sign the lease to be an authorized occupant in the rental.

  • No more than 2 persons per bedroom per rental for safety reasons.

  • Guests may not reside in home longer than seven (7) days.

  • New roommates or occupants must be approved by Owner or Wright Property Management Group in writing prior to occupancy.



  • Allowed in specific rentals only.

  • A refundable pet fee of $500 per pet is typical, however can vary from property to property (please see listing).

  • Certain breed restrictions may apply.



  • Tenant will be required to have and maintain $100,000 Public Liability Insurance.  Proof of insurance is required at move-in.


Application Fees

  • Application and fee must be submitted via Debit or Credit Card through our website with the application.

  • Application screening may include current and previous employment, rental history, credit, eviction/skip search, criminal background check, sex offender check and terrorist watch list.


Lease Signing

  • After the application, application fee, and all necessary documentation have been submitted, the review process will start.  This process typically takes two to three business days. 

  • As our goal is to rent our properties to the highest qualified tenants, you may be in competition with other applicants should subsequent applications come in on the property you are applying for while your application is in process. Your application fee remains non-refundable even if another application is accepted over yours. Please do not submit your application if you are unwilling to be in competition with other applicants should the situation arise.

  • Upon communication of application approval,  the lease agreement will be emailed to the applicant(s) for electronic signature.  

  • Electronic signatures are binding the same as handwritten signatures.

  • The lease must be signed and returned with the required electronic signature(s) within 24-hours along with the security deposit in order to reserve the unit. If applicant(s) fail to do so, the owner reserves the right to continue marketing the property after said 24-hour period expires and accept applications from other parties.

  • Paying a security deposit without also signing the lease DOES NOT reserve the unit.


Please note:  The property owner makes the decision of residency approval based on the following guidelines, your application responses, and the results of the information received while processing your application while adhering to fair housing practices.
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