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Wright Property Management Group conducts multiple inspections throughout the year to ensure your property is being taken care of.  


Move-in inspections are conducted prior to the tenant taking occupancy to document the condition of the property.


During the term of the tenant’s residency we will conduct frequent Drive-by Exterior Inspections to insure the lawn is being maintained, vehicles are being parked appropriately, and that the overall curb appeal of the property is being maintained.


We will conduct a Full Interior Inspection which we complete at a minimum of every 6 months during the course of a yearly lease to ensure the tenants are maintaining the interior of the property and not causing any damage.


The last type is the Move-out Inspection which is conducted after the tenant has fully moved all of their belongings out and turned in keys. We document the condition at that time and compare it to the Move-in Inspection to determine if a claim on the security deposit is necessary.

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