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Lease Preparation

Don’t trust some “office supply store lease” for your lease preparation needs. A good lease is what protects you and one of your largest financial investments. Our professional lease agreement is written to protect you, the Landlord. After all, the landlord has the most to lose… their real estate investment worth potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. Through our years of experience in the Property Management industry, we have compiled a very comprehensive lease agreement that covers almost every possible situation that can arise in a Landlord/Tenant relationship. Some of the key terms of the lease include:

  • Rent is due no later than the 5th day of each month

  • Carpets (if any) must be PROFESSIONALLY cleaned when the tenant moves out

  • Tenant to pay all services and utilities unless otherwise agreed

  • Guests not to reside longer than 7 days without Landlord consent

  • Tenant to provide a 60-day written notice to vacate prior to lease expiration

  • Tenant accepts property as-is with regard to cosmetic concerns (paint, carpet, etc.)

  • No smoking in dwelling whatsoever

  • No disorderly conduct or criminal activity

  • Tenant responsible for cost of maintenance due to their negligence

  • Landlord authorized to enter dwelling with 24-hour notice for the purpose of inspections

  • Tenant must allow Landlord access to show property to prospective tenants after tenant provides Landlord a 60-day notice to vacate

  • Owner not liable for tenant’s personal belongings

  • Comprehensive Pet Addendum if applicable

  • Comprehensive Yard Addendum if applicable

  • Comprehensive Hot Tube Addendum 

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