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  • Long term stability - maintaining a good long term relationship.

  • Focused business - focused on solving important business problems in a timely manner.

  • Value driven - high levels of service, trust, and support.

  • Interdependency - Wright Property Management Group, LLC takes on the characteristics of the partnership, rather than two separate, distinct organizations, supporting each other in the accomplishment of goals.


Our Objectives

  • We will carry out the requirements as set forth in the Condominium CC&R’s, bylaws, and house rules.

  • We will listen, advise, and perform our duties.

  • We assist in long term financial stability through financial planning.

  • We will provide timely, accurate financial information.

  • We will be pro-active.

  • We will educate ourselves and the Board on the Association’s documents (Declaration and Bylaws), house rules, and state laws.

  • We will keep current on industry trends.


We contributes to the success of the Association by accomplishing the following:

  • Maintains a maintenance plan.

  • Implements policies and procedures.

  • Effectively communicates with the owners.

  • Plans, arranges and manages the Annual Board Meeting.

  • Prepares and distributes proxy ballots for the annual owners' meeting.

  • Provides financials, contracts, Owners requests and other information to Board in advance of all Board Meetings.

  • Provides monthly report of correspondence, new and closed work orders to the Board of Directors.

  • Performs on-site visits and weekly property inspections.

  • Schedules and oversees any on-site maintenance jobs.

  • Develops and maintains work orders by unit, maintenance type and vendor.

  • Maintains common areas in accordance to the standards of the Board of Directors.


Web, Media and Social Management

Wright Property Management Group, LLC will purchase a domain, create, maintain and manage a community website.The site will act as a community link for information, news, Owner Portal access, Tenant Portal access, accounting and maintenance tickets.Other possible site features could include:


  • Board of Director Information - name, email address, unit number, title and year elected.

  • Wright Property Management Group, LLC contact information.

  • FAQ page and updated bylaws.

  • Board meeting schedule and meeting minutes.

  • Special events (based on Board of Directors budget allocation):

    • Gatherings (happy hour).

    • Beautification projects.

    • Welcome Wagon.

    • Helping Hands program.

    • Health, wellness, recreation.

  • Monthly email with local crime, emergency and sex offender information, powered by CrimeReports™ will be emailed to all owners and tenants on file.


24/7 Access

At Wright Property Management Group, LLC we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service. Owners and Tenants can contact us 24/7 via phone, email, portal or text.  


We use innovative and high tech methods to efficiently manage information.  Both the Owner and Tenant Portal provide authorization-level based information 24/7/365 including alerts, notices, conversation streams, e-documents, property history, maintenance records, accounting detail/summary and more.


Board Portal  

24/7/365 access (view only) to real-time documents, financials, owner accounts, maintenance work order/records, reports, and more.

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